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Getting your brand message on a billboard, bus Ad, Train, London Underground or a TV Advert has never been easier and more affordable For so long now, mainstream Outdoor and TV Advertising has been reserved for the big corporate giants with endless Advertising budgets.​ Small to mdium sized companies were relegated to classified adverts at the back pages of newspapers.

Benson Advertising has over the last 15 years helped several brands and businesses from small and medium sized enterprises to corporate giants

A typical outdoor billboard or bus campaign would cost anything from Tens of thousands to the hundreds of thousands and even millions of pounds However we are able to take a small budget of a couple thousand pounds for instance and create an effective outdoor or TV campaign that literally looks a million bucksits so easy we even got our brand on a billboard

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Whilst you skip ads on youtube or change the channels on TV as soon as an ad comes, the incredible thing about outdoor advertising is it becomes entertainment when you wait endlessly for a bus or train at a station.

Your customers attention is retained for an extended period of time as they peruse through the the different advertising creatives around them.

100% of people who step out of the house will definitely see a bus, billboard or an ad on the underground. Benson Advertising has access to hundreds of thousands of sites nationally as we work with all the major outdoor advertising suppliers

The general population typically associate outdoor advertising with established brands and products and it therefore reflects trust and authority. 45% of adults in the UK said they have responded to outdoor ads in one form or other; and since the pandemic, outdoor advertising has seen double digit growth in 2021 and 2022 at 29% and 32% respectively.

In 2019 £1.3b was spent on Outdoor advertising; there was a big drop in 2020 down to £699m due to covid and lockdown. However in 2021 it shot back up to £901m

​Do not be daunted by these large figures, at Benson Advertising our goal is to work within your budget and help you navigate this space to get your brand up on an outdoor ad like we did with some of the clients below

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Outdoor advertising is powerful, big, bold and strong This may be what you need to give your brand or organisation a face lift Feel free to reach out to us for a free and extensive consultation or fill the form below;, +44 (0)7496719205